Smart sanitizing device
enriches water with silver ions
to kill germs on surfaces.
IOON device uses silver particles to eliminate bacteria and coronaviruses in a solution that contains no alcohol, foam, or even scent - making it safe for children, people with allergies, and even pets.
Tech Times
IOON technology combines the functionality of modern technical advances with the efficacy of classical pharmaceutical practices.
Add 30 ml water as you use it.
One cartridge last for up 9 months.
One charge last up to 2 days.
Only tap water, Ag+ and ROS*.
Chemical free
99% Efficiency
Kills bacteria and viruses on hard surfaces.
for hands, paws and hard surfaces.
IOON creates a disinfectant spray with a combination of electrochemical and microbiological practices.
Silver under the action of current releases into the water very small particles that penetrate into bacteria or viruses and block their ability to live.

And reactive oxygen species increase this effect due to high oxidizing properties.
Deactivates 99% of bacteria on surfaces.
IOON spray neutralizes such common pathogens:
- E.Coli, Stphilococus, Enterococus, Klebsiela, Pseudomonas
Moreover! IOON can clean surfaces from viruses, including group of coronaviruses.
Everyone can create a disinfectant, because it's very easy!
Easy to track & customizе
Personal App assistant for you to track devices resources
Control the cost of spray disinfectant
Be aware of battery charge
Set up "clean" reminders
Send quick request for the support
Fill water
Shake to turn on
Spray to desinfect
The usual non-carbonated water you drink.
A slight vibration will notify about activation of the device and the start of disinfecting. The second vibration turns off the device and disinfecting should be stopped.
Disinfect surfaces for your safety.
We put renewable desinfective technology in reusable device to bring suistainability in personal care
Using the IOON helps reduce plastic waste, and it’s tiny, so it can fit in your pocket or bag just like a travel-size hand sanitizer.
Intelligent Living
Fully modular design for longlasting use
Volume up to 100 oz.
Up to 50 000 Spraying
Up to XXX chargings
One cartridge lasts for up to 9 months. During this time you can make up to 100 ounces. Disinfectant Spray Equal to 50 Disposable Pocket Disinfectants (2 oz.).
Convenient sprayer. However, it is not eternal. Therefore, if this part runs out of resources earlier than the device, we propose to exchange it for a new one with a discount.
The battery capacity is designed for 100 charge cycles. To continue the use of the device after, exchange the old electronics unit for a new one with a discount. And the old one will recycled.
It is time to refill, recharge, reuse
for self care!