Portable & smart sanitizing device, that creates silver-based spray, 99% effective against bacteria & kills coronaviruses on surfaces.
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What is IOON
Additional protection against germs is incredibly important, especially these days. And IOON One is a great tool for those who want to reduce the amount of single-use chemicals and the disposable packaging in their life.

IOON's main goal is to make people's lives cleaner with renewable disinfection technologies. That means no chemicals, salts, preservatives or other additionals.
You need just drinking water, everything else the device will do for you.
At the time you need it. At the place you need it. At the amount you need it.

IOON One philosophy aims to reduce the amount of disposable chemicals and packaging. That is why the device designed for long-term use due to the modular system where every part can be replaced and recycled to meet responsible consumption approach.
No need to visit a service centers, offline stores or other time killers.

When a part of the IOON device needs to be replaced, it can be made manually by yourself.
To do this, we made sure that all key parts of the device from the cartridge to the sprayer are easily replaceable by your own.

IOON Care service
But we have moved even further.
We have rethought the standard approach to ordinary things. Because we understand how many tasks we need to keep in mind every day. And to facilitate the daily routine, we suggest you try the IOON Care service.

The service provides you with unlimited access to the sanitizer.
As long as the IOON app monitors the resourse of the cartridge - the IOON Care service will automatically sends you a new cartridge even before it reaches its limit you will never. So that you are always be protected.
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