IOON creates a disinfectant spray with a combination of best electrochemical and microbiological practices.
The IOON technology is based on the antibacterial power of trivalent silver ions and reactive oxygen species.

Each time IOON turns on, trivalent silver ions and reactive oxygen species are formed inside the cartridge in a real-time mode. You can spray sanitizer during active mode from the first second. After turning off the device stops creating disinfectant and spraying should be stopped.

The best thing is that you can repeat the turn on cycles as many times as you need it. This is the key feature of the device.

IOON device uses silver particles to eliminate bacteria and coronaviruses in a solution that contains no alcohol, foam, or even scent - making it safe for children, people with allergies, and even pets.
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Silver ions action extends to more than 650 species of bacteria.
The Ag+ ions penetrate the cell, preventing them from spreading further cell replication. Such common germs like Salmonella, E. coli, Staphylococcus and other harmful pathogens are unable to survive during contact with silver particles.

Interestingly, "good'' bacteria do not die, which means that dysbacteriosis does not develop.

Not only hand sanitizer!
Multipurpose solution for disinfection of various surfaces on your way.
It is time to disinfect in a less toxic way with IOON!