Spray bottle device
for sanitizing

Soon on Kickstarter

Why is IOON so useful?

Any water

is suitable

1 device

for years

1 Cartridge

for 9-12 months

20 Mins

lasts 3 days

Smart silver-based

IOON uses silver particles to eliminate bacteria. The device's performance has been verified in over 300 tests conducted by 5 independent sources.

IOON is saving your money

Сompared to purchase of alcohol antiseptics


per 3 Liters


per next 3 Liters


per 1 ml*

3 liters of any water is enough
for almost a year


per 3 Liters


per next 3 liters


per 1 ml*

1/60 conscious consumption

*3 liters of sanitizers is enough for almost a year. Price counted for 6 liters during 2 years.

Sanitize everything


work home supermarket


city residents travellers

tech & health geeks

allergic kids pets


hands gadgets toys

Ready to turn water
into sanitizer?

Skeptical about IOON? Technology details


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your pre-order!

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