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The first non-alcoholic sanitizer to convert ordinary water into a substance that kills viruses and bacteria with silver atoms


Alcohol-free technology
new technology on silver atoms allows you to forget about alcohol, chemicals and dry hands.
Smart device
IOON sanitizer has the architecture of a technological device: it is charged via USB several times a month, works on a replaceable cartridge and is synchronized with a mobile application.
Unlimited amount of sanitizer
one cartridge provides creation of 3 liters of the sanitizer. You just need to add water to the IOON and turn on the device.
each subsequent use by the sanitizer is cheaper. When the cartridge expires, there is no need to buy a new device: just replace the cartridge, and you get a new 3 liters of sanitizer, which will cost 2 times cheaper, as the cost of the cartridge is lower than the cost of the device.
Safety and protection against viruses and bacteria
IOON kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, which is as effective as alcohol-based sanitizers.
IOON has a design of a modern smart device, unlike disposable plastic bottles of ordinary sanitizers.

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IOON Technology

The only substance to which bacteria do not develop resistance is silver.

IOON technology allows you to "tame" its unstable atom. IOON uses an electrochemical electrode dissolution system.

That is, when current is passed through the electrode, silver is washed out of the latter.

The output is silver, hydrogen and oxygen.

Silver atoms, penetrating the bacteria, provide their disinfection, while no harm is done to human skin.

How to use the IOON sanitizer?

Add ordinary water to the device.

Turn it on with a special button.

By pressing the dispenser, disinfect your hands, fruits, surfaces and things.

Recharge the cartridge several times a month using USB.

After using 3 liters of sanitizer, replace the cartridge and continue using.


Feature of IOON - the first non-alcoholic sanitizer.

Water + silver atoms = sanitizer. Bactericidal efficiency of silver and related atoms is strong binding to disulfide (S - S) and sulfhydryl (-SH) groups found in the proteins of bacterial cell walls.

Binding violates normal metabolic processes in the cell, which leads to its death. So viruses and bacteria die, the handles do not dry, and the kids are safe.

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What our customers says
Alexander Gradovitsky
Father and technology expert
Great device and great development team.
Nadiya Kanunnikova
The perfect device to fight bacteria
Serhii Vodolaz
A very useful device with a reliable aluminum body, efficiency in killing bacteria, environmental friendliness and safety - the ability to customize, ease of use.
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