We carried out:


30 tests

3 laboratories

investigated the effect of silver on the water

1 sec

Needed to turn water into the antiseptic

20 sec

Needed to kill bacteria on the surface



АТСС® 29212ТМ


АTCC® 13048TM


АТСС® 9027TM




S. Aureus

АТСС® 6538ТМ


We test IOON on different bacteria to be sure — its technology effective against different types of microbes

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Porcinetransmission coronavirus

Pyobacteriophage polyvalent purified

СOVID-19 research


We prove IOON efficiency against Bacteriophage and coronaviruses. Tests on COVID-19 is in the process.

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We provide
toxicology tests

IOON is safe for external
and dermal apply

It does not cause death, acute and subacute toxicity, or any local-irritant effect. IOON is completely safe for allergic people and kids.

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Still have questions?

We will be happy to answer on them

Freguently asked

Don’t know size, materials or IOON price? Still have any doubts about our technology? There are all answers.

  • How much will IOON cost?

    From $120 in retail. But we can offer special early-bird prices on Kickstarer.

  • What material the IOON enclosure is made of?

    It's simple - the enclosure of the device is made of polypropylene. It is a durable, lightweight and harmless material for humans. We will be happy to recycle your IOON enclosure to help our Planet and reduce plastic waste.

  • What material the IOON cartridge is made of?

    We print cartridges on a high-precision SLA-3D printer. The cartridge consists of photopolymer plastic, metal electrodes inside and silicone gaskets. All these components are harmless to humans, but can turn into industrial waste. Please send us a cartridge for recycling - help our Planet and reduce the amount of plastic waste!

  • What are the elements that make up the device?

    IOON consists of four main units - sprayer, enclosure, cartridge and electronics unit. Inside the cartridge, the water is enriched with silver atoms and ROS particles - and turns into a sanitizer, and the sprayer helps to apply the sanitizer to any surface;) The electronics unit supplies current from the battery to the cartridge and helps track the battery charge level, wear and available cartridge life. And yes, the enclosure looks cool ;)

  • What kind of warranty is provided for the device?

    The IOON warranty is one year from the date of purchase. At the same time, the warranty for the cartridge that comes with the device coincides with the warranty for the device, but is limited to a resource of 3 liters of sanitizer. The available cartridge resource can be found in the mobile application. The battery warranty is also the same as the device warranty, but is limited to 300 charge / discharge cycles according to the battery manufacturer's guidelines. After the end of the warranty - continue to use the device until the main components are completely out of order. Please send the defective device \ units for recycling - this will help our Planet!

  • How big is the IOON?

    IOON is a small device that can fit in a jeans pocket, jacket or backpack. The device is 118 mm (4.6 inches) high and 37 mm (1.4 inches) in diameter. The full-filled device weighs up to 106 grams (3.8 ounces).

  • What colors are available?

    Two body colors are now available - black and white. You will be able to choose the color of the ring at IOON, this option will be available at Kickstarter.

  • What other models are planned?

    Now our team is focused on preparing the production of IOON, we want to do everything as it should. Therefore, our next products will not appear until 2022. Although, if you have any ideas - write, I will be happy to talk with you about future products and development of IOON. It's always interesting to get the opinion of another person!

  • Where and how can I buy the cartridge? How do I change it?

    Buy an additional cartridge for Kickstarter or, after the crowdfunding campaign, on our website. The cartridge changes in four steps - you need to unscrew two screws from the bottom (we will definitely give the key in the kit to the device), take out the old cartridge, replace it with a new one and screw two screws into the bottom. The new cartridge must be activated in the application, and it is no more difficult than scanning the CR-code. It will not take more than five minutes, and if you have a question or difficulty, we will advise you through the zoom :)

  • How do I use the IOON?

    Pour water into the device, turn on and spray the sanitizer. No waiting, no salt or special water. All. Highly. Simply.

  • How exactly does the technology work?

    We use targeted electrochemical synthesis of the [AgO+]n ion (trivalent silver-oxide ion) and reactive oxygen species (both are high-effective antiseptic agents). We do this process with special conditions – use special-prepared electrodes, stable voltage etc. – to create single AgO+ ions, that are atomic-size. The process of synthesis is a very fast process that we carry out in a special chamber inside the cartridge. This allows the sanitizer to be sprayed while the device is running, but does not allow the pre-prepared antiseptic to be stored.

  • What can I disinfect with your device?

    You can disinfect any solid surface like your hands, table, glass etc. As well. you can spray on fruits or vegetables, but we recommend washing such food with water after spraying.

  • What do you mean, "You can use any water"? What if it's dirty? How does it work?

    IOON works with any type of drinking water - so water that you drink you can turn into sanitizer with IOON.

  • What happens if you drink this water?

    If you drink IOON and you are not allergic to silver, there will be no consequences. At the same time, we strongly advise against drinking sanitizers, including IOON.

  • How does the device charge?

    You can charge IOON just like any of your gadgets - by type-C cable.

  • How does the app work? Will it be in both the AppStore and Play Market?

    IOON connects to the phone via bluetooth. By synchronizing IOON with the app, you can see the cartridge resource, which is very important, since the sanitizer from IOON has neither color nor smell. And when the cartridge reaches its limit, the app will notify you about it. Also in the application there is information about the battery charge of the device so that you can always keep IOON in work mode. You can also customize the way the device is turned on. At the moment we have developed a beta app for Android. And at the moment we are developing an app for IOS.

  • What kind of tests have been conducted? Where? Where can I read about them?

    We conducted: microbiological tests (on 6 different test strains of bacteria and 1 strain of fungus - 99.9% IOON efficiency); vyrusological tests (general antiviral effect and effectiveness against coronaviruses on surfaces - 99% IOON efficiency); biochemical study (effect on the degree of inhibition process of hydrolysis of urea by urease); toxicological tests (test for acute, subacute toxicity and local irritant effect - IOON is not toxic). The studies were carried out in the laboratories of 2 state institutes: the Mechnikov Institute of Microbiology and Immunology and the Gromashevsky Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases. All results are available on our website!

  • What kind of research has been done on coronavirus exactly?

    We conducted virological tests to find out if IOON has an antiviral effect in general and whether it is effective against coronaviruses on the surface. We conducted a study at the Gromashevsky Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases in Kiev. And here is what the experts from the laboratory say: "As a result of research of IOON is determined that the drug is an effective virucidal drug and can be used at exposure for 20 minutes to disinfect the hard surface and the tools of doctors hands." A decrease in the number of viruses per log of 4 is a good indicator for disinfectants. For AKKKE, the decrease in the number of coronavirus was log 6 out of log 8 possible.

  • Is the IOON the first device of such kind? What makes it different from its competitors?

    IOON is the first device that turns water into sanitizer. There are some similar solutions but all of them have specific working conditions, like salt, sanitizer operating time ... IOON differs in: it has a pocket size, it is completely autonomous, it creates a sanitizer just from water in one second and has no side effects for health.

  • How is IOON better than antiseptic?

    No smell. No dry-skin. No allergy. No disposable plastic wastes.

  • What is the financial benefit of buying IOON instead of antiseptic?

    The economic benefit will be X2.
    It means, with IOON you pay 0.015$ per 1 mL and with chemical sanitisers you will pay up to 0.032$ per 1 mL.

  • Who invented IOON?

    Hi, I'm Andrii, CEO of IOON. Thank you for your question.
    The IOON technology was created by a team of scientists - electrochemist Andrey (this is me), water disinfection technologist Mikhael and prof. Arthur, microbiologist and immunologist.
    The portable gadget that you could see on our website was created toogether by the startup team - Marina (COO), Dima (application developer) and Igor (CMO) joined us. And together we are creating a device designed to protect people from harm.
    You can find the IOON Facebook page and look at our story, it's there. If you have a question to me - fill free to ask me on FB.
    IOON is the first device that turns water into sanitizer. There are some similar solutions but all of them have specific working conditions, like salt, sanitizer operating time ... IOON differs in: it has a pocket size, it is completely autonomous, it creates a sanitizer just from water in one second and has no side effects for health.

  • Have you shown the product somewhere before?

    Of course! We showed IOON at IT Arena in Nov 2020, for example :) We became the second of the best startups in Ukraine according to Lviv IT Arena and won prizes. You can find out more at the link below

  • When will it go on sale?

    Q1 2021 - on Kickstarter!

  • If I order now, how long will I have to wait for IOON?

    We will start production and delivery Q2 2021, after our Kickstarter campaign. So, we will start delivery IOON to our Kickstarter backers Q3 2021.

  • Where will you ship the IOON to? What logistics companies?

    We will deliver IOON to your home, and their cost is already included in the shipping cost. Delivery operator in the United States - EMS or USPS (depending on the state).

  • Is B2B cooperation possible?

    Yes, please write to us: hello@ioon.tech.

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